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iPal Platform

The goal of the iPal Robot Development Platform is to provide partners with all the tools and support needed to enable them to quickly and efficiently modify iPal's software and content for their specific use. They can then deploy and market their own robotic branded product at a small fraction of the cost of developing their own robot.

Key components of the iPal Robot Development Platform include:

  • A U.S. developer version of iPal — English support, a good SDK and other tools like the content editor, and English language documentation.

  • Training and workshops to teach robot development with iPal.

  • Custom software development services for companies who want a robot product but do not have their own internal software development. capabilities or wish to acquire them

  • An iPal App store where companies can sell upgrades, applications, etc., specific to their customers.

  • iPal customization: Such as changes to plastic outer form, additional capabilities such as more sensors, custom color highlights and so on (initially restricted to what does not require a major change to the iPal core).

  • Consulting on the logistics around selling, distributing, and servicing the robots.

  • Technical support services including hardware and software repair services for those companies who do not want to set up their own.

  • Access to distribution channels for companies who don’t have their own and don’t want to do themselves.

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