What is it for?

Senior Companionship/Care

Many seniors are alone and lonely. They often have problems keeping track of everyday activities, such as taking their medicine. iPal is a constant companion that supplements personal care services and provides security with alerts for many medical emergencies such as falling down.


In stores, restaurants, banks, etc, iPal can greet people, provide information and directions, answer questions, and entertain and attract customers.  An example is a version for Telecom stores, where iPal can read the customer information such as from an ID card, provide information about plans and services, complete transactions, and issue SIM cards.


In schools iPal can serve as a teacher's assistant in such areas as taking roll and enhancing the education process. Under the supervision of a teacher, iPal can aid in lessons by presenting educational content in an engaging manner that supports social development and encourages interest in science and technology.

iPal Robot Development Platform

The iPal Robot Development Platform enables partners to quickly and efficiently modify iPal’s software and content for their specific use. They can then deploy and market their own branded robot product at a fraction of the cost of developing their own robot.


The iPal platform is that it is a complete end-to-end solution (a “one-stop” shop) that enables a company to come in and quickly and inexpensively develop their own robot product.  This includes an affordable and highly capable hardware robot platform, all of the software tools needed for development, training, custom software development services, hardware and software support, and access to distribution channels.

For more information, contact info@ipalrobot.com

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